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Website usage - terms & conditions


The publisher responsible for this website is "Freedelity", a trading company in the form of a société anonyme (SA) [limited liability company], hereafter referred to as "Freedelity SA", recorded in the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises [= UK Register of Businesses and Companies] under number 0818.399.886, its registered office located at Rue du Bosquet 8, 1400 NIVELLES.


Using the Freedelity SA website (hereafter referred to as "the site"), and/or downloading anything from it, implies that you unreservedly accept these terms and conditions of use.

The site's constituent parts, which may include text, pictures, audio or video extracts, software and other features, are provided for information only and are non-contractual.

They may be used ONLY for personal purposes.


Any use of this site that breaches legal and/or contractual provisions and goes against the interests of Freedelity SA and/or its customers is strictly prohibited.

Otherwise, the site's publisher is entitled, merely at its own discretion, to block access to the site, with or without prior notice.


Freedelity SA cannot accept liability for harm of any kind whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, resulting from use of this site, especially following: an error, technical or otherwise, a transfer problem, an overload situation, difficulty of use, service interruption (especially for system maintenance), delay in transmission of information, site incompatibility with user files and/or software packages or those on their computer, malfunction, interference, virus transmission to their computer, illegal intrusion such as piracy, intentional blockage of tools and telecommunications networks (for example, after mass e-mail shots or service denial attacks) or any other inadequacy on the part of telecommunications or network service providers.

Users alone are responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect their own data, and/or preventing any contamination from malware circulating on the Internet.

However, Freedelity SA will do everything within its power to select carefully the information it places on the site; notwithstanding this, it cannot provide any guarantee that it is accurate, reliable or non-exhaustive.


Both Freedelity SA and the site user shall observe the provisions of the Act dated 08.12.1992 on protection of privacy where the processing of personal data is concerned.

On connection or electronic communication, user data will pass through a public network accessible to anyone. In addition, data may cross borders, even if the sender and recipient live in the same country. Data are transmitted in the form of separate encoded packages, but details of those sending and receiving it are not encrypted. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that no third parties will be able to access such information, or that they will be able to deduce the existence of contact with Freedelity SA.

Freedelity SA collects site visitor data (including, but not limited to, the user's IP address), which will be used for the purposes of statistics, security, system surveillance, management, marketing and compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. The data are anonymous.

Freedelity SA collects data likely to identify a user personally only when they provide such data to it voluntarily, for the user to use the site normally. In this case, Freedelity SA may use this information for the same purposes as data pertaining to site visits. At Freedelity SA, personal data will be transmitted, stored and used for the purposes intended and expected by Freedelity SA business.

Freedelity SA may have reason to send user data to external service-providers, so that they may perform certain tasks which it cannot perform itself, at the same time ensuring that said service-providers process it confidentially and securely. Freedelity SA may also have reason to transmit personal data to third parties in order to comply with legal requirements, or as dictated by official or legal rulings.

For further information on the nature of data collected and how they are used, users may refer to our Privacy Declaration.


This site may give hypertext links for accessing sites posted by other companies, groups of interest or organisations.

Freedelity SA cannot in any way guarantee that information found on these other sites is exhaustive, accurate or up-to-date.

Therefore, Freedelity SA cannot accept any liability for the content of other sites linked with or leading to this site. At your own risks and perils, you alone are responsible for the use you make of the sites.


Freedelity SA hereby reserves the right to correct, amend or delete, in whole or in part, anything within the content of this site, at any time and without prior notice.

By consulting and using the site, the user hereby expressly accepts the site's new terms and conditions.


Reproduction of ANYTHING on the site is prohibited.

The "Freedelity - Know Your Customer" logo and brand name, and the "Freedelity SA" logo and brand name, are protected and owned exclusively by Freedelity SA. Site information is subject to Freedelity SA copyright. Third-party copyright is reserved.

No information available on the site may be used, in any way whatsoever, unless statements relating to brand-name protection, copyright and these terms and conditions of use appear therein. Moreover, this site may not be referenced, consulted or incorporated by means of "framing" or "i-framing", unless expressly agreed with Freedelity SA in writing.

Unless expressly agreed with Freedelity SA in writing, use of the site in any form whatsoever for public or sales purposes other than those intended and expected by Freedelity SA is prohibited.


The site's terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law.

Should any clause in these terms and conditions of use be deemed null and void, this will not affect their validity as a whole in any way whatsoever.

Any dispute relating to the use of this site shall be referred to the Courts and Tribunals in the legal district of Nivelles (Belgium).


Any comments, suggestions or remarks may be e-mailed to: support@freedelity.be, or posted to: Freedelity SA, Rue du Bosquet 8, 1400 NIVELLES.