Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Freedelity.
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Why was I asked for my ID card?

The store where you have just made your purchases uses the solutions developed by Freedelity to collect and update your personal data but also to identify you during your purchases

If the staff of the shop where you are located has asked you for your ID card, it is simply to avoid having to manually fill out a paper registration form.

This saves time, avoids typing errors when collecting your personal data and makes it easier to update your data in case of moving.

This will enable your preferred merchants to offer you more personalized services in full compliance with the regulations relating to the processing of your personal data.

Is the use of my ID card legal?

Yes, the use of the ID card to collect personal data and consent to its use for marketing purposes is in accordance with the recommendations of the data protection authority.

Please note that you can also choose to manually complete a registration form or identify yourself with your first and last names and date of birth at each Freedelity partner store.

Who is responsible for the processing of my personal data?

Your personal data is processed both by each of the merchants to whom you have entrusted it and by Freedelity SA. This precision had to be clearly specified to you by the retailer who uses the solutions developed by Freedelity SA. In particular by giving you a copy of the leaflet presented here. If you have agreed to share your email address, this information has also been confirmed to you by sending an email.

Freedelity's processing of your personal data is described in detail in the Privacy Policy available here.

The Freedelity team is keen to ensure MyFreedelity users’ satisfaction and takes care to respect the rights of Freedelity file members. We remain at your disposal through the following contact points:
+32 2 880 98 36

What is the Freedelity file?

By entrusting us with your personal and contact data, through the intermediary of the merchant who requested your registration, you become a member of the "Freedelity file" and you consent to the processing of your personal data by Freedelity SA, rue du Bosquet, 8 bte 6, 1400 Nivelles, registered under number BCE0818.399.886.

The Freedelity file collects the personal data of all consumers who have joined the loyalty and consumer relations programs of Freedelity's corporate clients. Its purpose is to allow them to obtain relevant data about you.

This will enable your preferred merchants to offer you more personalized services in full compliance with the regulations relating to the processing of your personal data.

This data is also used to generate and maintain your MyFreedelity profile.

Your registration generates the creation of a personal profile and login on the MyFreedelity application. With this profile, you and only you decide which businesses are allowed to access your contact information to communicate with you (and how: email, SMS, postal mail)

You can also terminate your relationship with any partner business. To facilitate your access, we encourage you to enter your email address when you register.

How can I view, correct or delete my personal data?

This is one of your rights guaranteed by the regulations on the protection of personal data. The MyFreedelity portal and application were designed with this in mind and to this end.

MyFreedelity is an application designed to dematerialise and collect a large part of the loyalty or identification cards you accumulate in your wallet in a secure space. It allows you to keep control over the use of your personal data with multiple retail companies. It also keeps them up to date regarding Freedelity's clients.

As soon as you register, a personal profile is therefore created in your name on the MyFreedelity portal in order to allow you to control your personal data usage.

Access to your personal data is protected and requires authentication. If you have shared your email address with one of Freedelity's partner businesses, you will only need the username and password that were automatically provided to you after registration.

If you have not yet shared your email address with Freedelity or one of Freedelity's merchant clients, then simply follow the access procedure described below.

Open the login page

Follow the instructions for initial registration or request a reset of your personal password.

You can also download the MyFreedelity mobile app and authenticate yourself through it.

Download the app

Will my personal data be passed on to third parties?

Your personal data is managed centrally by Freedelity via the Freedelity file. This was designed to provide your preferred merchants with up-to-date information about you. It is for this purpose that your consent was recorded when you first registered with one of the brands and/or businesses that have subscribed to Freedelity's services

According to this principle, your personal data is therefore effectively transmitted to every Freedelity client, who can demonstrate explicit consent to the processing of your personal data and the use of your personal data for marketing purposes.

The only uses of your data authorized in the contracts between Freedelity and its clients are:

  • The validation of your personal data (i.e. is your data correct? Is it precise enough to uniquely identify you and, if necessary, combine several records concerning you?)
  • The maintenance and updating of your data (in other words: if Freedelity’s data is more up to date and more complete than the data in our clients' files, we offer to keep them up to date as well)
  • Conducting market research

Your email addresses and mobile numbers are will never be sold or used for commercial purposes. However, if you change your email address and/or mobile number or it is changed with your consent, this update will be transmitted to Freedelity's clients to whom you have authorized the use of them for direct marketing purposes. You can change these consents (sometimes referred to as opt-in) via MyFreedelity at any time. That's one of its major raisons d’être. Allowing you to maintain control over the use of your personal data.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

This is the procedure to reset your password

  • Go to the login page
  • Click on the forgot password link
  • Follow the instructions
  • A reactivation link will be sent to you by email
How can I contact you?

You can contact us via the contact points below

By regular mail:
Freedelity SA
rue du Bosquet, 8/6
1400 Nivelles

By email info@myfreedelity.com

By phone +32 (0)2 880 98 36

Via the contact form

Our services are available on working days from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 to 5 p.m.

What are the general terms and conditions of use of the My Freedelity website?

When you install MyFreedelity on your Smartphone and/or the first time you connect to your MyFreedelity profile via this portal, we ask you to accept our general terms and conditions. You can find them here.

What is your personal data protection policy?

The protection of your personal data is a top priority for Freedelity and all of our employees.

We also wish to act respectfully and transparently towards you. Here is the full text of our privacy policy. You can access it here.

Can I request for my data to be permanently deleted from the Freedelity file?

Yes, it's your strictest right.

In accordance with the law, you have full access to your data and to its usage when using our platform. Via your user profile, you can edit your data whenever you want. You can also ask that your data be removed entirely from our system. To do so, please send us a letter with a photocopy of the front of your ID card, and we will proceed with the deletion of your user account within 30 days.

Send your requests to the following address:
Freedelity SA
User Account Deletion
Rue du bosquet 8/6
1400 Nivelles

How do you use my email address and mobile phone number?

Your email address and your mobile number are only accessible to brands and merchants to whom you have explicitly given your consent (opt-in) for their use for contractual or marketing purposes. These consents may be modified by you through the use of this MyFreedelity portal or the mobile app of the same name at any time.

Your email and mobile number details are not subject to any form of marketing.

Your email and mobile data may be used by Freedelity in connection with the use and promotion of MyFreedelity and to keep you informed of all events related to your MyFreedelity profile.

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